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Santa’s Christmas Eve Toothache

By Lisa Germain

Santa Claus has been so busy all year preparing for Christmas that he has missed his regular dental check-ups. As he is loading the gifts onto his sleigh on

Christmas Eve, he begins to get a toothache. Thinking that the pain would just go away by itself, he sets off on his journey because he doesn’t want to disappoint all the kids who have been good all year. As the night gets colder and longer and Santa eats more sweets, his tooth hurts so much he is ready to quit. Can Santa continue his journey? Will this be the year that the children wake up to find that there is nothing under their tree? Find out what happens when Santa Claus gets a toothache on Christmas Eve.

This entertaining, delightful story will bring a smile to your face, and to that of your kids. Heartwarming, beautifully written and illustrated, it is the perfect book to read out loud as a family. It celebrates kindness and empathy for others, and reminds us that miracles assuredly happen and dreams can come true.

Christmas Book by Lisa Germain
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Fresh, clever and a delightful read about an age-old story with wonderful illustrations. In this year of healthcare crises, the author is on track to educate youth about the power of prevention with a hero we all love. I bought one for every parent and grandparent of a toddler and school-age child in my circle…and then many more for friends who love a good children’s book. Bravo, Dr. Germain! Your other super-power is clearly creativity.
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Amazing illustrations and a really healthy theme! This book is sure to inspire your kids to take care of their teeth! I highly recommend the paperback format because the illustrations are so amazing. This is the best way to share the story with kids!

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Patients can get into trouble with pain at very inconvenient moments … even Santa on Christmas Eve! This “Twas The Night before Christmas” rhyme style story of a dentist relieving Santa’s toothache on Christmas Eve is clever and heartwarming encouragement for healthy habits! The children in our family will be getting this book in time for CHRIST-mas Eve!

In the true spirit of giving, all proceeds from Dr. Lisa Germain’s Christmas book will be donated to Dental Mavericks. Spread the festive cheer and make a difference with every page turned!

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